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Ero is all about using the power of LLMs to do tedious and repetitive tasks quickly with great accuracy, so you don't have to. We really think his latest skill, answering security questionnaires,  is going to be a game-changer for Security and Compliance Pros. Something we hear over and over again is how much time you spend completing Security Questionnaires.... Even with a strong knowledge base, there are two big problems to solve for: (1) You have to keep the knowledge base updated with information that is constantly changing, and (2) Questionnaires tend to be unique or at least nuanced, so it's hard to use common answers all the time, meaning your knowledge base needs to be overly big and complicated to be useful. It's almost not worth it to keep one. 

As the first complete AI Co-Pilot for compliance, Ero is uniquely positioned to solve this problem, and we'll show you how he does at our webinar on December 12. Everyone who registers will get free early access to Questionnaire Co-Pilot.