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We invite you to never answer another security questionnaire...

If you've ever had to answer a security questionnaire to get a new client, keep an old one, or start a new partnership, you know it's no picnic. Typically, it's 50-100 questions about your business and its security policies, practices, and current posture. The problem is the answers are always changing and no one person seems to have all the answers. And, if there is one person... well, you wouldn't want to be them. 

We talked to CISOs and their teams and heard that some people are spending 40 hours a month just answering security questionnaires... woof. Well, we thought that sounded pretty lame, so we fixed it with AI and then we made the solution free. 

This month, we're introducing Ero Questionnaire Co-Pilot! It's the first AI-powered Answer tool that doesn't require a Knowledge Base to answer complex security questions in real-time. That's because it queries your GRC Platform (Trustero) to gather the answers rather than a Knowledge Base that needs to be maintained. Further, it can pull information from Policies, Controls, and Evidence and return thoughtful complete answers that will satisfy your clients and partners. Just load up the questionnaire, walk away for a coffee break, and come back to a completed questionnaire. Ba-da-Bing. 

Here's the best part... It's free for everyone! Trustero GRC customers will have access to QC Advanced and everyone else can get QC Free and put their days of answering questionnaires behind them. 

There are several ways to learn about Ero QC: