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HIPAA compliance is perhaps the most critical of all requirements for startups and small sized businesses in the healthcare industry. Adhering to laws and regulations dictated by HIPAA ensures the confidentiality and integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI), which is crucial to the growth, success, and survival of a healthcare tech or SaaS business. Compliance requires a structured, comprehensive approach that addresses administrative, technical, electronic, and physical means of protecting data.

If the leadership at healthcare startups is keenly focused on elevating operations from seed stage to SMB or enterprise, there are a few guidelines and steps that must be followed to the T:

-   Establishing Risk Assessment:
A detailed risk management program should be implemented to identify, evaluate, and actively address risks to patient information. This includes conducting routine risk assessments, implementing mitigation strategies, and monitoring compliance efforts at all levels within the company.

-   Defining Emergency Protocols & Disaster Recovery:
It is imperative that all healthcare startups implement disaster recovery programs and operational continuity strategies to ensure complete protection of PHI in the event of a security breach and system failure. These plans may include creating data backups, upgrading systems security, updating software, testing failure mechanisms, and investing in the latest technology.

-   Conducting Employee Training Sessions:
Whether a company has 9 employees, or 900 – the first step in any compliance journey for healthcare SaaS businesses is employee awareness and training. Each individual must be equipped with all the awareness, tools and education needed to identify their roles and responsibilities within the organization. This promotes and ensures accountability at all levels and helps the company work towards a shared goal. Employee training sessions relevant to patient data security include social behaviors, malware detection, password protection, and identification of phishing attacks.

-   Implementation of Data Encryption:
The success and survival of a startup in the healthcare industry is determined by how well it is willing to protect PHI. Startups that show promise and potential for growth are heavily invested in implementing security best practices and encryption techniques. These practices are used when sensitive information is being stored, communicated, transmitted, or obtained across the company. The confidentiality of data can be ensured with the help of complex encryption algorithms, combined with additional levels of security.

-   Establishment of Access Controls:
Another way of fostering accountability is by establishing access controls throughout the company. For healthcare startups specifically, it is crucial that all employees are given unique user IDs, encouraged to create strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, and most importantly, provided access control based on their role/designation. This limits the use, viewing, and transmission of PHI to specific individuals only, which accelerates tracking and accountability in the event of security breaches. Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDPS) can also add an additional layer of data fortification when needed.

Compliance is more than just preparing for an annual audit – it is a continuous effort, and an ongoing journey towards establishing and retaining patient trust. By implementing the efforts, best practices, technology, and policies geared at securing sensitive data, healthcare startups can not only maintain compliance, but also ensure credibility, reliability, legitimacy and dependability of their operations.

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