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You’ve determined ISO 27001 compliance could benefit your business and decided to go after certification. Here are four actions you should take and four things you should avoid to save time and money and reduce headaches on your journey.

Do: approach ISO 27001 strategically, with a focus on your business needs and goals and minimizing efforts and costs.

Don’t: dive into controls or other technical details immediately.

Do: adopt policies that provide actionable guidance on how to operationalize your controls specific to your business.

Don’t: adopt ad-hoc policies that are hard to follow and understand.

Do: put together policies that make it clear how to build out the controls relevant to your business and specific compliance needs.

Don’t: leap into your compliance journey and waste valuable resources and time. 

Do: focus on solutions and platforms that provide a direct and clear path to and beyond certification.

Don’t: get lost or stuck on your compliance journey to ISO 27001 certification.

A banner offering a demo of Trustero Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

How Trustero Can Help

Trustero Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an innovative AI-powered compliance automation platform designed to empower companies to go from “ground zero” to stamp of approval.

Unlike other offerings, Trustero CaaS translates the ISO 27001 standard into clear, actionable language and guidance, for you and your chosen certification body. The Trustero proprietary control set is written in clear, concise language any businessperson can understand. The control set is uniquely designed to enable you to cover multiple frameworks during a single audit period, making multi-framework compliance faster, easier, cheaper and less stressful.

Trustero CaaS transfers CISO-level knowledge to non-experts in security or compliance. You get consistently clear, actionable information about what you need to do and the evidence you need to get you to full ISO 27001 compliance and certification.

The Trustero ISO 27001 Startup Assurance Package combines the Trustero platform with everything your company needs to get certified and stay compliant with ISO 27001. And “everything” includes concierge support and dedicated project management from the Trustero Customer Success team. The solution also includes a compliance report by an auditor from an accredited ISO certification body who is familiar with Trustero CaaS. All for only $34,995.

ISO 27001 certification and ISMS creation and management. Automated, simplified and complete.

To learn more about Trustero support for ISO 27001, visit And for more information or to schedule a demo, visit or send an email to